ARE YOU LOOKING FOR YOUR

                                “I GRAB THESE ALL THE TIME”

                                               SET OF CARDS?


                                HERE THEY ARE.

As Speech-Language Pathologists with over 25 years experience, we have used SO MANY different sets of picture cards, but none were “quite right”.

We were searching for a set that targeted the earliest vocabulary that a child develops. We found sets of random nouns, random actions, and sets of cards arranged by categories.  It has always been surprising how many students,  even 4th grade and older, who were unable to independently name common nouns.  Examples that come to mind include giraffe, zebra, feather, clock.  We assume they know them, but when probed, they just are not able to come up with their name.

This led to the development of the product  “300 Nouns”.   Vibrant color photos of the earliest objects a child learns to name.  A master list of object names is included for easy data collection.



                                   300 ACTIONS!

Get your actions here!   300 separate photos of different actions all gathered in one easy to carry box.  Master list for easy data collection.  

Wide assortment of pictures, including eating, drinking, sleeping, driving, smiling, texting, emailing, hiding, brushing, chasing.  More advanced actions included are balancing, excavating, sculpting, sorting, graduating and paddle boarding.  

Useful for sentence construction, targeting verb tense, use of -ing, pronoun practice, vocabulary expansion.  Great for articulation practice and conversation starters.  These pictures are colorful and interesting.  Real photos!